Today the high temperature was -1. Let that sink in. The HIGH. I don’t think our heat pump has stopped running once today. It is cold!

With the snow day of 2014, we spent some quality time reading. Well, she read. I photographed. It was like watching a wild animal in its natural habitat. [Note: I was able to take photos of her openly, because I claimed to be photographing her stuffed animals.] Every once in awhile, she’d stop reading and make sure I was doing ok and that her dogs were sufficiently cared for.

She has had these books since she was a newborn. My grandmother in Texas sent them to her before she was born. And ever since she has been able to hold a book in her hand, she has carried this set everywhere. I like to think that she is connected to them because of an invisible bond she shares with her grandmother. Yes, that’s definitely it.

This girl continues to amaze me everyday. Before she started reading, she organized the books into color-coordinated piles. If this doesn’t prove that she’s my child…

I want to wrap my arms around this time and never let go. I want to remember her chubby little hands delicately turning the pages of her miniature books. I have many goals for 2014, and one of the biggest goals I have is to start collecting moments. Simple, everyday moments like these.


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